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The Alley Cat is MJ's longest comic series that is currently ongoing.

It has reached over a million views online with high ratings and is currently the preferred project by Patrons and fans of MJ. 

It is a mature, monochromatic, super hero/romance/mystery/drama story about a young man named Hunter who struggles with balancing the burden of his secret identity and responsibilities with his personal life, especially his relationship with the woman he's in love with, Caroline.  

The Alley Cat gets new episodes every 2 weeks and is FREE to read on platforms, Webtoon and Tapas.

PG-13                                           R  17+   

Below are some of the best pages from the series. Please click the links above to read the series in full!

Harpy Vardith is a one shot fantasy comic that MJ created to demonstrate her potential in sequential art. She collaborated with the founder of

Zelpha Comics who took a major part in the writing of the comic and distributing samples at multiple comic conventions.
Harpy Vardith is a fantasy/adventure story that contains conceptual settings and characters in this experimental short.

Below you can read the one shot in its entirety. Let MJ know if you enjoyed it and would like her to revisit this universe in the future.
You can also support her and Zelpha Comics by purchasing a hard copy!

Pizza Scale

A small spin off series to "The Alley Cat," MJ created this text-free, romcom to enter into Webtoon's Short Story Contest in 2020.

Read Pizza Scale on Webtoon!

Short Stories

Weather they were for fun, for a client or an old school project, some of these pages are timeless and worth sharing!

If you like MJ's Comic work, please consider supporting her on Patreon so she may continue to create them!

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