Frequently Asked Questions

What Art
Mediums Do
You Use?

Art Mediums:

My most common way to create art is digitally or with alcohol markers. The program I use the most is Clip Studio Paint Pro and my preffered alcohol marker brand is Copic.

Mow Much Do You Charge For Commissions?

Commission Prices:

That would depend on the content. Visit my Commissions page for prices and get a free quote from me at any time.

Is There Anything You Will Not Do?

Off Limits:

No pornographic content.

I will not work for free.


I will not work in any style other than my own.

No Caricature services.

How Long Have You Been Drawing?

When I Started Drawing:

According to my parents, the first time I demanded a pencil was on the beach one day when I was still crawling. I have been drawing my whole life but decided to make it my future when I was 13.

Who's your
favorite Artist?

Favorite Artist:

I cannot decide on all the talent available. But I will give a special mention to Takeshi Obata, who never fails to inspire me to

create comics.

What Inspired Your Series
The Alley Cat ?

The Alley Cat Inspiration:

I actually created a whole blog post talking about what inspired

The Alley Cat. You can read all about it on Webtoon when it was posted as a special episode.

What Is Your Creative Process?

Creative Process:

First I look at other artwork to get inspired and come up with ideas. Once I know what I am drawing, I will gather references. Then I create my rough-tight sketch, refining and building along the way. Once I am happy with the finished drawing, I repeat the early steps for the colors and mediums I will choose to finish it. After I render, I add finishing touches and put the work on my stores!