Meet MJ!

This is Marie Jane, a freelance comic artist and illustrator with a fun mermaid persona and proud follower of Jesus Christ.


She was born on February 18, 1995 and has had the passion to draw since the moment she could hold a pencil. Growing up with so much practice, MJ always excelled in the creative field both inside and outside of her formal education, winning awards and honors along the way.


Over the years, MJ organized art shows, taught students

and performed at the Art Gallery of Ontario on more than one occasion. She was featured and interviewed by the New York Times, gave presentations to students at colleges as a model artist, and her talents were recognized by DC and Marvel Comics editors when they met her at Fan Expo Canada.

Today, MJ prioritizes her faith and her personal projects while managing commissions and her store. She hopes that her crowd funding on Patreon will one day be enough to support herself so she can can continue to create the content she loves, especially her favorite project The Alley Cat, her comic series which is ongoing and free to read.

Below we invite you to read some fun trivia about MJ to get to know her on a more personal level!

*For Frequently Asked Questions about her work and what she does, visit the FAQ page.


Marie Jane Work's TRIVIA


MJ's interests and personality are undeniably that of a mermaid so there was no option more suitable than such.



Favorite Colors

Sea-foam Turquoise, Baby Pink, and White


Born on Feb 18-19, MJ is both Aquarius and Pisces. 

Relationship Status



Two cats. Luna and Kitty(R.I.P 2019)


Left brained. Most artists are right brained.

Favorite Foods

Salmon Sushi, Melon, and Chestnuts

Favorite Drinks

Water, Tea, Whole Milk and Hot Chocolate


Millennial and Zoomer

Life Goals

To continue what she's doing while being a homemaker.


"Take heart, daughter; your faith has made you well."

"Today I will do what other's don't so tomorrow I'll have what other's won't."

"Better to lose a minute of your life than your life in a minute."


Being both Aquarius and Pisces, MJ's stones are Amethyst(Primary) and Aquamarine(Secondary) 


Portuguese, Canadian

Favorite Movies

Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Hunters and The Lady and the Tramp(1955)

Favorite Animal

Cats, Starfish and Horses


Swimming and Tennis in the summer time. During the winter she doesn't move much.

Bath Versus Shower

Bath every time! Very hot water is preferred, ahh...

Favorite Live Action TV Shows

H20 Just Add Water, Once Upon A Time, and Everybody Loves Raymond



Writing, Barbie Collecting, and a lot of Podcasts

Favorite Cartoon


Weird Interests

Politics, True Crime and playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

Favorite Anime

Inu-Yasha, Death Note and Dragon Ball Z

Favorite Manga

Marmalade Boy


MJ has been to Portugal, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Aruba and New York City

Guilty Pleasure

Being a fangirl.


MJ carries a Nerf gun with her so she is able to vent out her frustrations should the moment arise.